Covid 19 / Studio Impact

Well, the virus has hit the USA so it’s self-isolation time. Luckily, the house is the studio, so, with the available materials, work continues. It was decided to forgo the tung oil for the floors, due to the required curing time, and go ahead and start setting up instruments for testing. While not the original plan, the floors won’t take any “real” abuse and, once things clear up globally, we can move things and finish up the last details, including the baseboard trim and floors.

Painting and Floors

Painting and floors time. All of the floors are bring prepped for sanding and eventual tung oil treatment. Most of these photos show all of the walls already painted. We did not get a lot of photos during the paint process.

Once the floors are sanded, a major milestone will be accomplished. It will have been over a year of work up to that point.

Control Room Photos

Here are some photos of the completed control room before most of the outboard load in. Most of the upper racks are now full of gear. Head on over to our gear page for details.

StudioLive 32 (64×64) console.
Bare desk.
Comfy couch for listening.
Vintage compressors from a now off the air AM radio station in South Carolina.


Welcome to our website. It’s feels good to finally make enough progress to get this site up and running.

As for other work, our partner house is making strides to get the control room and studio up and running so we can begin testing and breaking in of all equipment. It still has a ways to go, but hopefully Spring of 2020 we will be fully operational for testing.

Check out some progress photos from this past year.

Scaffold construction
Cathedral Peak after Brazilian Pecan decorative installed.
RockWool into drop ceiling in control room.
Console desk under construction at local woodworking shop.